Here fishy fishy fishy.... That is what I say in my head, or sometimes out loud, when I am fishing. Or if I have a bobber in the water, I can't help but softly sing "Ba-ba-ba ba-ba ba-ram" I know it has nothing to do with fishing but for some reason it just seems right to me when I am waiting for my bobber to dip under the water line. I have mentioned many many times my love for fishing. It started out in the White Mountains in Arizona when we would visit my grandma and fish in a nearby lake. Then when I moved to Alaska at 21 years old, fishing really hooked me in - see what I did there ;) - My man Kris, son Titus and I love fishing around the Treasure Valley and even had some good luck along the Boise River last fall so I am especially excited about this.

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Anywhoo... It is time to get the poles out and the bait ready because a whole heap of steelheads where just released into the Boise River. You can check out the official press release here but I'll give you an overview:

About 250 steelhead were trapped at Hells Canyon Dam on the Snake River. Then Fish and Game just released them yesterday in 5 different locations along the Boise River. About 50 fish were each let in at Glenwood Bridge, Americana Bridge, below the Broadway Avenue Bridge behind Boise State University, at West Parkcenter Bridge and at Barber Park. If you plan to go after these fish you need a steelhead permit, not just a fishing license. There are limits to what you can get in the Boise River for steelheads. Two fish per day, six in possession, and 20 for the fall season. Check out the official press release for more restriction details.

Have fun and happy fishing :)


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