Did you know that Air BnB is more than just rooms or homes to rent for a night or two while out of town. Locals are also able to offer unique and one of a kind experiences through Air BnB as well. This is totally separate from the overnight stays. There is a pretty magical one that recently came up for Boise that is really unique. Jeff the host calls it light painting & night photography.

Here is how Jeff describes the experience from his Airbnb page, "Since this style of photography only works in dim light, we can get started anytime after sunset. All you have to do is show up like it’s a normal photoshoot and I will do the rest. I can photograph females or males, couples, or groups. If you’re in the photo, you just have to be still for 1-3 seconds and I do the rest! I hide myself behind you and create a unique design with light while you strike a pose. Different colors, shapes, and even angel wings are possible. I can even give you an opportunity to play around with some of the props and light painting tools so you can see for yourself how everything works. If you’re a photographer and want to learn more about light painting, I can teach you the process and how to get the best images. The photoshoot will take around 2 hours and I will share all the images on Dropbox so you can have immediate access. I can even print some 5x7’s from my photo printer if you’d like to leave with a physical copy. I guarantee you’ll be hooked on light painting after this experience!"

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Reading this and seeing his previous photos made us want to try it! The cost is listed at $125 per person and he can do groups of up to 10 per session. He also has listed that the preferred timing is 830pm to 1030pm. His default location to shoot is at Esther Simplot Park. If there is somewhere else you have in mind he will work with you though.

Learn more and book for Jeff's Light and Night Photography

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