This is really sad. I know that overall with the growth of our community a lot of good comes our way, but wit it comes some bad, and its sad to see this longtime staple in our community demolished.

This morning the former Smokey Davis restaurant was torn down due to construction along State Street and Veteran's Memorial Parkway.

You can see video of the demolition on the Facebook page Vanishing Boise which is a group that is very dedicated to preserving local landmarks here in town.

The smoked meat shop closed their doors on December 31st, moved out January 15th, and according to the Idaho Statesman they are looking to relocated but they haven't announced where or if for sure they will open up shop again.

Also said to be affected by the construction is the Zen Bento building next door which has been around since 1963.

I really wish we could have the best of both worlds. It makes me sad to see some of our old charm go away and for everything to have to be bigger and better and newer. One of my favorite things about the Treasure Valley is the smaller hometown feel and I don't want to see that go away.

Hopefully Smokey Davis will find a new home here shortly and we can eat all the delicious meat we've loved for so long once again.