Did you know that 45% of the waste in the Ada County Landfill could be composted! WHOA!

For that reason, the City of Boise has decided to kick off a city-wide composting program that will begin on June 1. However, you will be seeing an increase in your trash bill.

Single family homes are expected to see an increase of about $8.40, but, if you participate in the program you'll get a $5 credit, which will bring the increase to only $3.40 per bill cycle.

Here's what will happen: starting in March, you'll be receiving composting bins (smaller than your regular trash and recycle bins), you can fill those with tree clippings, fruits, vegetables, leaves, and other organic material. The bin will then get collected along with your other bins and be transformed into a nutrient-rich soil that you can use in your garden at home!

That's right, if you opt in to the program you can pick it up and use it to grow more fruits and veggies -- that can later be recycled AGAIN!!!

For more information about the timeline and the composting program CLICK HERE.