Idaho has a law that states you may collect and eat any road kill which allows that animal to be useful in some type of way and it helps clean up the roadways so we don't have dead animals all over the place.  But what about animals that have been hit and are suffering and sure to die?  At this point in time motorist must wait for a police officer to be present and he or she can put the animal out of it's misery if they see fit.  This situation is happening way to often to where people are having to sit with animals suffering through extreme pain while 30 to 40 minutes or more pass by so that the animal can be euthanized in a legal manner.

Idaho is saying no more.  Or at least they're trying to say no more.  It's inhumane to allow an animal to suffer this way for this long period of time so a new bill has been introduced that would allow animals to be killed on the spot by any resident who has a hunting or trapping licence.

According to the Idaho Statesman only certain animals could be killed and of course, only under certain circumstances.  The problem is who would be taking advantage of this law and killing animals unharmed which is for the most part, poaching or illegally hunting.

Idaho Fish and Game have not seen the bill yet so they cannot comment on it's validity or what may or may not happen but to me, this seems like a step in the right direction.  Less suffering for animals who are caught in an unfortunate situation is not only the right thing, but the humane thing.

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