Are you into fitness? Maybe it's CrossFit or yoga, maybe just hiking and biking in the beautiful trails around Idaho. Lucky for you, several fitness clubs around the Treasure Valley have come together to launch the inaugural 'Boise Fitness Week.' From July 27 through August 5th.

They will have their launch party tonight at Lost Grove Brewery from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. to introduce those boutique fitness clubs to you. Plus, you can pick up your 'Boise Fitness Week' passport - that gives you an opportunity to check out classes at different participating locations for a flat rate of $7. The money raised from those 'drop-in' rates will be donated to the Women's and Children's Alliance of Idaho!

So whether you're a fitness enthusiast already or are maybe trying to find the best fit for you, this is a perfect opportunity to check out all the amazing fitness classes being offered around the Treasure Valley.


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