Homes in the Boise Foothills have been ordered by the city to come down, but the city says they aren't paying the bill for it!


Two homes in particular at the south end of Table Rock have been shifting over the last year and a half. A slow moving landslide that is sitting on top of a fault line.


These homes aren't the only ones affected by unstable ground, in fact all of the homes in the Alto Via neighborhood have evacuated. 5 of those families are fighting back in court against the cities demolition orders. They say the city should have made them aware that the ground was unstable before they built their homes on it.


According to the Idaho Statesman, the city is concerned about people falling down into the crevices and Mike Journee, a spokesman for Boise City says "just like any dangerous building, it comes back to the property owner's responsibility to provide for that safety."


What are your thoughts? Is this a problem that should fall on the homeowners or on the city?