What in the world is this?!! This Boise homeowners paperwork has a clause in it that says only "white people" can live there!

The clause was in place back in 1945 but it has never been removed. Of course, it's against the law for this to be enforced now, but the fact that it is still in the paperwork is pretty disturbing. According to an article on KTVB.com, the "fine print" has flown under the radar for decades.

The racist language has been a bit of a nightmare for Realtors trying to sell these older homes because if homebuyers notice the clause they may not be interested in buying the home even though it cannot be enforced.

So why does the racist clause even still exist? Apparently, there is a problem because the HOA back in the day was supposed to enforce this rule, but many time in these areas an homeowners association doesn't exist or they can't get the right people in the same room to get the job done, so it just continues to be ignored.

What can we do? If you think you live in a home from this time period in history, take a look at your paperwork and talk to an attorney.