This is the creepiest situation and it's pretty scary that this guy is back on our streets.

37-year-old Matthew James Lee was arrested yesterday on a misdemeanor charge of second-degree stalking, but what he allegedly did is flat out disturbing.

He is being accused of parking in front of a families home in Eagle and then peeking into the families home for 15 to 30 minutes and trying to unlock the families door through the keypad. The family says they have no connection to Lee and have no idea who he is.

Lee is accused of going to such lengths as covering up his license plate before parking in front of their house.

According to KTVB, the family tried to confront him and told him to leave multiple times, but he would refuse to go.

Lee was booked into the Ada County Jail but released on a $5000 bond the next day. He has pleaded not guilty and is due in court June 15th.

Will let you know more as this story continues to unfold.