The roads are slick and the narrow winding roads of I-55 along the Payette River lead to the fatal crash that has claimed this Boise man's life.

I remember this happening a couple time last year when the river was particularly high. It was baffling to me how the Payette River could sweep whole vehicles away, sometimes never to be seen again.

It happened again yesterday morning at about 10:43, three miles south of the Banks/Lowman Highway junction.

According to Idaho Statesman,  25 year old Alex Bunch of Boise was driving northbound along the river in his 2006 KIA Spectra. He was wearing his seat belt, but for reasons unknown he ended up driving through the south bound lanes, down an embankment, and into the river.

As we know the river is very unforgiving and Alex, although we are grateful authorities found him, was pronounced dead at the scene.

25 is far too young to die. I can't even imagine what this young man's family is going through. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, be careful, especially driving along the Payette River, and remember this precious life can be gone in an instant so take it all in and hold your loved ones a little closer today.