He was a hero, saving three children's lives, and now he's missing in the Salmon River. 

34-year-old Keawe Pestana jumped into the river without hesitation when a canoe that three children were in capsized on the Salmon River on Friday, April 26th.

The children were all wearing life-jackets and made it to safety but although Pestana briefly surfaced he hasn't been seen since and is presumed dead.

Everyone has been searching for the young man including the Idaho County Sheriff's Office, of course his family, the Bureau of Land Management, and Life Flight.

If you happen to be on the river and you see anything please contact the police and let's bring this man's body home so his family can give him a proper burial.

An article on eastidahonews.com reminds us that the water in the Salmon River, just like in the Boise River, is cold and swift. Swimming in the Boise River is not allowed right now and if you have to be rescued you face the rescue cost. It's not illegal to recreate on the Salmon River, but if you do so please wear a life-jacket and use lots of extra caution.

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