It's unfortunate to break your neck once, but not many people can say they've broken their neck twice. This is the story of Nathan Ogden. A Boise man who is paralyzed from the chest down, but continues to defy odds by driving, skydiving, and competing in triathlons. 

Nathan sat down with me for my "Not The Way I Planned" podcast to talk about his journey.

Credit: Nathan Ogden and his wife Heather
Credit: Nathan Ogden and his wife Heather

Nearly 18 years ago, Nathan broke his neck skiing in Bend, Oregon. 13-months later he "fell" off an x-ray table and broke his neck again.

Nathan's "bring it on" attitude has carried him far. When I arrived for our interview I was shocked to see that the man who is completely paralyzed from the chest down and has very limited use of his hands, drove to meet me all by himself.

Nathan not only drives, but he continues to live life, perhaps more fully than most of us.

Nathan and his wife Heather have now founded a non-profit called "Chair the Hope," which raises money to buy wheelchairs for people in third-world countries.

To hear more about Nathan's story and his message click the link below.

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