If you don't know what the NewsBreak app is, it's an app that shares local and national headlines from all media outlets. They have their contributors as well.

Now that you know what NewsBreak is. Let's talk about this specific person who spends so much time on NewsBreak, slamming the media for their articles and other users for their comments. We won't mention this person's name, but here's a great example of their interaction on NewsBreaks.


This person is mad about the most irresistible cookie in Idaho. 

NewsBreak is probably thrilled to have users like this to keep their engagement and click-through rate high. This person does a fantastic job of assuming things about the authors of articles posted on NewsBreak. So once you start reading some of the comments, you'll wonder why this article was written. It's not because feelings were hurt. It's because no one cares what this person has to say. The comments have created some hilarious local content for us to share.

As people in media, our skin is as tough as it can be, and we know that not every article we write will please everyone. We also live in a time when keyboard warriors, internet trolls, or, my favorite, internet badass are everywhere, and people need to keep scrolling as they should have.

You should grab a beverage because this will be turning into a drinking game. The comments below are from January through February of this year, and it's only some of the available comments.

Here is how the game will work when you see a specific word take a drink.

Transplant/Tranplants = 1 Drink 

Clown/Clown emoji = 2 Drinks 

Idaho Man Hilariously Rips The Media On Newsbreak

These are actual comments that this person has made on the Newsbreak App. They are not all the comments, just some between the January and April of 2023.

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