How does this keep happening?! Yesterday was undoubtedly hot and this Boise Mama decided to leave her three children in the car while she went to the store!

27-year-old Sauda Cyizayne left her 8-year-old, 22-month-old, and 1-month-old baby in an unlocked car with the windows cracked while she went shopping for about 20 minutes.

According to an article on KTVB that details the crime, when officers arrived on the scene the children were sweating, but otherwise acting normally. Their mother came out from the store around the same time officers started investigating. Thank goodness the kids were okay. They have since been released to a relative, while their Mother was arrested on three felony counts of injury to a child. If found guilty, she faces up to ten years behind bars. She was booked into the Ada County Jail on a $5000 bond and will make her first court appearance on July 23rd.

In this case, the car was unlocked so no one had to bust into the car to save the kids, but keep in mind that if you do see children inside a locked car on a hot day the law will protect you if you have to bust a window to save the kids.

Please let this story serve as a warning that you can absolutely under no circumstances leave children or pets inside a car this time of year, even for a few minutes. Cars heat up quicker than you could ever imagine and often times these types of situations turn deadly.

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