Some say this home in the downtown Boise area is the creepiest home in Idaho.  There's no question that the house located just off Broadway Avenue has seen horrific things.  On June 30, 2018, it'll have been 31 years since the gruesome murder of 21-year-old Preston Murr.  A murder that's become a legend and still haunts the streets of Boise to this day.

On June 30th neighbors woke up to a trail of blood splattered all over the porch, sidewalk, and front door.  And this was their house, not the Murder House.  Murr was at home with two friends Daniel Rogers and Daron Cox.  The men had an argument and Murr was shot in the shoulder.  He ran to the neighbor's house pounding on the front door, dripping blood everywhere.  A neighbor called 911 and then saw a man being dragged back into Murr's home.  Murr was forced into the basement and shot in the head by Daniel Rogers.  Daron Cox helped Rogers in the dismemberment of Murr's body.

There are lots of questions about why what and how.  Where were the cops after the 911 call was made?  Why did it take until the next morning to investigate?  What led these two friends to not only kill but dismember Murr?

Murr's body was found 100 miles away in the Brownlee Reservoir.  People now say Murr haunts the house and communicates with anyone who moves in through ghostly sounds, movements, and unexplained phenomenon that occur regularly.

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