Opportunity crimes are something the Boise Police department tear-round. But one Boise neighborhood is on the lookout for a suspect they say has been stealing items from their vehicles for the last several months.

According to KTVB, the burglaries have been happening In the W. Dentin St neighborhood in Boise. One man had his van broken into and had $250 stolen. Another neighbor had her purse stolen, and afterer seeing a suspicious person walking around, they contacted police.

How scary is this? One of the neighbors, Cole Butler, told KTVB that recently he was on his couch watching tv, when “when he noticed the handle to his front door starting to turn.” Then he saw a man at his doorstep asking about a “former occupant” and the card in the back of the property. Butler did file a police report according to KTVB.

Police say if this were to happen to you, you should just fine a safe place and call the police. If you have any information about the incident please contact the police department.