The Boise Police Department Facebook page does a great job of highlighting the positive things going on within our community. It's not just press release after press release of some incident that has happened, even though every so often, they share an unfortunate event that has taken place to alert the residents in Boise.

Last week the Boise Police Department celebrated the return of one of their Police Officers, and the community rallied around her. Comments like "welcome back," "Praise God," and "congratulations" flooded the Boise Police Department Facebook page.

Watching a community rally around an officer is so refreshing to see, especially after the last couple of years with all of the negative publicity that Police Officers have gotten throughout the country.

A Facebook post from the Boise Police Department shared, "from every member of the Boise Police Department, we are so happy to have Officer Carly Bock back on patrol. After battling breast cancer, Officer Bock worked with the department and the Boise Police Association to create this pink Boise Police patch."

Boise Police Department
Boise Police Department

The Facebook post continues, "It's not only a symbol of breast cancer awareness but also a thank you to those who supported her along the way."

Officer Carly Bock doesn't shy away from putting it all on the line. In 2017, she received the Police Silver Star for her heroic act in September 2016. In 2016, Officer Carly Bock and Annie Matheus responded to an injury traffic accident. One of the vehicles was engulfed in flames, while a male victim who was hit by a vehicle suffered severe injuries next to the burning car. Officer Bock and Officer Matheus rushed to the victim and were able to drag him away from the burning vehicle just before it exploded.

We are thrilled to see Officer Carly Bock in uniform, and Boise is lucky to have you!

Boise Police Officer Carly Bock Back on Duty After Fighting Breast Cancer

After the Boise Police Department shared the great news that Officer Carly Bock was back on patrol after her battle with breast cancer, this is how the community responded.

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