Oh hey look, Boise on another top 10 list. But is it a good thing this time?

Movehub.com has compiled what they say is the official index of where to find the most hipsters in America. How do they define a hipster? By looking at what cities contain the most of the following:

  • Microbreweries
  • Vegan stores
  • Thrift shops
  • Annual rent demand increase
  • Tattoo shops

Our neighbors in Salt Lake City nearly topped the list, bested only by Vancouver, Washington. The surprising thing is where they ranked Boise.

We were 4th, with a "U.S. Hipster Index Score" of 7.043.

How Portland came in 12th on this list is beyond me. You literally cannot walk a single block without someone asking you to check out their band, or worse, share some kombucha tea with you. You wouldn't get it.

Also, the book was better.

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