Our neighboring state is known for a few things, this one will certainly keep other states talking. I didn't even realize, or at least fully understand that this -Measure 110- was even on the ballot in Oregon. Now that it has officially passed in the state it is getting a lot of attention. Basically they decriminalized if someone has possession of small amounts of hard drugs, meaning it is for personal use and not being sold. Also decriminalized for expanding treatment. This is big for a few reasons one being that this is the first time that any state has really tried this, let alone had it pass.

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This measure was financially backed by a verity of treatment and abuse facilities, medical offices and rehab centers who believe in rather than criminalizing individuals with drug abuse issues instead are able to get the treatment they need to get better rather than being thrown into a system where they will not be provided the help they need.

Opponents behind the Vote on Measure 110 have other issues with it worried that if tons of people are coming out of the criminals system, the treatment and health care system that is already strained cant handle the new load, and then what happens?  These of course are for more extreme cases. The average person who takes advantage of a high here and there will be able to without major concern for it ruining their lives.

What do you think about the whole thing is Oregon progressive or crazy for this passing?


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