According to KTVB an SUV crashed into a school bus that was carrying four kids this morning around 8:25 a.m. on eastbound State Street near 18th Street. Thankfully nobody was killed and as of now, only one of the children on the bus has been transported to the hospital for evaluation. The child uses a wheelchair and the hospital visit is purely for precaution only.

The school bus was headed to Hawthorne Elementary School but obviously didn't make it to school. Officials released another bus to complete the route and pick up all the students who needed to get to school.

Those students that were not injured were released to their parents. The bus driver was not injured as well and we can pretty much chalk this up as a minor incident where police, authorities, and school officials all took the proper steps in taking care of these kids and keeping things on track so that other students could get to school and continue the day without incident.

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