I passed right by this murder scene on Friday afternoon and had no idea the sinister plot that was going on inside.

It happened at the Civic Plaza Apartments off of Front Street at about noon on Friday. Inside the apartments police found a man dead with "multiple injuries" according to KTVB.

Later that night, 35 year old Kimberly Swa of Boise found herself in handcuffs, charged with the mans murder.

Swa has been booked into the Ada County Jail on a first degree murder charge. Authorities say the crime was premeditated/perpetrated, that the man was poisoned, and that the murder involved torture, vengeance, extortion, or sadistic inclinations.

So far police have not released the identity of the man who was murdered and they are continuing to investigate.

I am obsessed with Dateline/Murder Mystery shows and yet it is always so shocking when things like this go down in our own back yard.

So far we have no idea what the motive was for the murder. We'll keep you posted as this story develops.