19 years ago Rhonda Blake escaped and has been "At Large" ever since... that is, until now.  The fugitive has finally been caught and is back behind bars.

According to KTVB Blake was found living under a fake name in South Dakota.  Blake simply walked out of what is now known as the East Boise Community Reentry Center on Christmas Eve in 1998.  She hasn't been seen since.

She was serving time for drug charges and violation of parole.  She was only serving 180 days so escaping and living life as a fugitive doesn't seem to make much sense but that's what where she found herself.

There's no word on exactly how the Idaho Department of Corrections was able to track Blake down and why now, 19 years later but it's done.  She's also facing a DUI charge from 2009 in South Dakota so as soon as that issue is resolved she will be extradited back to Idaho to face more charges here.

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