This will be the first time an Idaho inmate will receive gender confirmation surgery while in Idaho Department of Correction custody.  Adree Edmo has been living as a woman in the men's prison for years and now a federal judge is mandating the state of Idaho provide this surgery.

There are lots of arguments on both sides of this discussion.  Who's paying for it?  Do inmates have the same rights that others do?  Do inmates now get to choose if they'd prefer to stay in a women's or men's facility?  The questions go on and on and the discussions are getting heated.

KTVB reports that this ruling was handed down on Thursday in Idaho's U.S. District Court by Judge B. Lynn Winmill who states that now allowing Edmo this surgery may result in irreparable harm.  The surgery will restructure her physical characteristics to match her gender identity.  The state of Idaho has six months to provide the surgery.

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