An escape from all the negativity of the news, the celeb gossip and political discourse, this Boise Facebook Group is the most adorable, if you love wiener dogs.

I'm a wiener dog owner myself, and have been for YEARS! I used to be all about big dogs, but in my early twenties I was living in small apartments and I didn't have the room for them. My best friend was re-homing his long-haired wiener dog, Toby and I decided that my home would be his new home! That's when the obsession with wiener dogs began. Fast forward 11 years and two more wiener dogs later, I move to Boise and someone tips me off to this group: Boise Dachshund Lovers. It's a private group. You have to request permission to be admitted BUT if you can make it, get ready for the cutest group on the internet.

Puppies, good ole boys, long haired, short haired, chiweenies, the works. Everything dachshund is in this group. Missing dachshunds? Reported here. Dachshund puppies needing a home? Reported here. Dachshund meetup groups in the Treasure Valley? Yes, that's a thing and you can find them in the cutest Facebook group of all time! It's so cool that there are so many dog lovers and dog parks here in the Treasure Valley, and I think it's even cooler that there are more specific groups like this for certain breeds. Maybe you're not a dachshund person necessarily but if you love dogs, I'm sure there's a local group for you to meet and bond with other dog owners, and to enjoy cute puppy pictures to your hear's content!

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Here's my ole boy, Toby!

Here are other awesome wiener dog pictures...

Photo Credit: James Watson/Unsplash
Photo Credit: Laura Iturrieta/Unsplash


Adorable Boise Dog Photos

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