Every year since 2011, the Boise Parks and Recreation Department have welcomed pups without their leash to popular Boise parks for a few months in the Winter. The reason: to discourage the large amounts of geese from roaming in the parks and "invading."

According to Boise Weekly, the yearly program has been a success. Parks and Rec Communications Manager, Bonnie Shelton told Boise Weekly:

It honestly just helps make sure that the geese don't all kind of stay in one place during the winter months. Ann Morrison Park is a very popular spot for them, and just having the dogs in the area keeps them more dispersed.

Since November humans could take their best friends to Ann Morrison Park Optimist Youth Sports Complex and not have to worry about having them leashed. Unfortunately, that program ends today. Starting tomorrow (3/1), leash rules will be enforced once again. Because of the success and popularity of the program, Parks and Rec plan to bring it back with the same November-February time frame.

If your dog loves going to Ann Morrison Park and is feeling sad about this news, don't worry! Plans are in the works for a permanent 'off-leash area' in the Northwest corner of the park; it will be called the "Together Treasure Valley Dog Island." Want to see what it'll look like? CLICK HERE. 

If your pup can't wait until Dog Island is complete, there are some more options! Here's a list of some of the leash-optional dog parks in Boise.

In Nampa, you can head to Amity Dog Park (my favorite in the Treasure Valley), it features a pond and even separate areas for small or older pups.

Meridian has several off-leash parks including Storey Bark Park, Meridian Bark Park, and Champion Park.


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