it's crazy to think that not a single one of us was alive when this store opened shop back in 1908.  BoiseDev has a well-written article on Hannifin’s Cigar Store in downtown Boise which not only has information on their closing now but also on rumors and the legend that this cigar shop has been and still is HAUNTED.

Stan Minder is the owner of Hannifin's Cigar Store but Stan is nowhere to be found.  We can't find any statements or information on why the cigar shop is shutting it's doors and when, if it hasn't already occurred, it'll be official.  The only thing there is to see is a single sign-on the store's front door that states they're going out of business signed by Minder himself.

There are a lot of old buildings here in Idaho that many feel is haunted and this one's VERY OLD and definitely falls into that category.

It's sad to see Hannifin's go.  I'm not a cigar smoker but I love history and this little store on the corner of 11th Street and Main Street is something all of us are just used to seeing.  We're used to driving by, knowing it's there.

I know all good things come to an end and obviously, Hannifin's wasn't much of a moneymaker anymore but it was something that we all could count on always being there.  I wish the best for Stan and his family and who knows, maybe something cool and refreshing will pop up into that same spot starting a new history and maybe... just maybe... it'll make it for 111 years.

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