Boise foodies, how great is it that we live in a place with so many delicious food options?

Boise is known for its diverse and ever-expanding food scene, and there are loads of hidden gems in the city that have been named the best in the entire state of Idaho, and sometimes even the best in America.

This is true particularly when it comes to our Italian food restaurants and pizzerias!

Even just right here in downtown Boise, you'll find the aroma of freshly baked bread in the air, and the warm embrace of a welcoming atmosphere that feels like home — a renowned eatery that was just rated the best Italian food in Boise.

Alavita in Boise | Google Street View
Alavita in Boise | Google Street View

It's not just about the food – it's a combination of flavors and experience — and they transport you to the streets of Rome or Florence. More about Alavita here.

As mentioned above, Boise's food scene is blowing up and there are A LOT of options especially when it comes to pizza and Italian grub in the Treasure Valley. Seriously, we've got more delicious pizza joints and Italian restaurants than ever before, and they're dishing out some top-notch eats you don't want to miss.

So here's a challenge for you...

Why not try 'em all? We've got some of the best options listed below to make this fun challenge easier for ya — so get out there, chow down on some amazing Italian food, and enjoy the best Italian food restaurants and pizzerias in the Boise area.

Scroll on for deep dish pizza recommendations and more.

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