Editors Note- April 24, 2019, 3:15 p.m.: On April 21, 2019. Kirsten Ernestberg Garza, who originally created the GoFundMe, made a note on the GoFundMe page that all donors would be refunded and the GoFundMe would be shut down due to misuse of funds. At this time, there is no evidence that Levi's condition or need is in question. You can read Garza's message HERE. 


This young man isn't looking for money, food, drugs, alcohol, or any of the typical things we, unfortunately, see from beggars on street corners.  This kid is 100% looking for a miracle and he just doesn't know what to do.

I recently came across this story on Facebook where a young woman by the name of Jen Mercer of Middleton, Idaho posted...

"Ok folks...read this! This guy has been 100% confirmed needing a transplant by medical staff and people that personally know him!!!As i was driving in caldwell today, i noticed a small timid boy on an intersection with an oxygen tank and tubing in his nose with a sign that said "In need of a LUNG transplant". So i pulled over and walked over to him. He told me his name was Levi and he was 26. He was born with cystic fibrosis and had a 4 year old son. He said he sees a cf doctor routinely in boise but doesnt have the money for the $600,000 lung transplant in seattle. He started crying saying he was emberresed to be on a corner and didnt need food or anything else but a lung. I told him about my daughters transplant in seattle and my heart went out to him. I asked him if i could spread the word and he said "yes please". He said he would be at the intersection off ustick and caldwell blvd until 6 if anyone could help him. I gave him some names and be a match contact to see if they could help but usually only a lung transplant comes from a deceased person and the waiting list is years out. He also told me i was the ONLY person that stopped to talk to him about his condition. That is sad as a human. Some of you probably think its a scam but seeing the tears in his eyes and his story i feel hes sincere and lost hope. Not sure if this post will do any good but atleast i went to bed tonight knowing i tried to be a good person.

 — feeling sad at Jack in the Box."

Credit: Jen Mercer
Credit: Jen Mercer

There have been hundreds of comments on Facebook.  Here are some of them...

Beth Ramirez I met this man the other day and personally gave him $10 I wish I could've given him more!

Sonia Rocha He was in Caldwell again today. Wind was blowing, it was cold. Broke my heart. 😓 helped him out this time around now that I know it’s legit!

Laren Sterling Walker We have good hopes with the help of ktvb which will be shortly to have the story on the news thank you all for the help of my brother! He is an amazing person and I don't want him hurting or even to lose him.

Autumn Truelsen Do you know where I can find him?

Autumn Truelsen Is he usually there every day?

Jennifer Campbell It’s amazing to see the support our community has for this man! I hope that each of you that are touched by his story will make the decision to become an organ donor. My 15-year-old nephew passed away 4 years ago on the heart/lung transplant list. Unfortunately no amount of money or medical coverage in the world can save someone if there is no matching donor available. I hope Levi has a better outcome than my nephew and that this will raise awareness about the importance of organ donation.

Heatherz Bizznezz This breaks my heart

The best way you can help right now is to SHARE this story with everyone you know.  Hopefully, we can bring Levi's story to the forefront so that this young man has a chance.

My heart goes out to this kid and what he's going through.  I can't imagine.  I hope that somehow, Levi's story can be heard across America and by all of us joining together we can make a miracle happen.


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