Kuna has two high schools right now but that's about to change.  A third high school is in the works because residents of Kuna DO NOT want more than 1500 kids per school if possible.  Some schools here in the Treasure Valley have as much as 2,500 kids pers school but kuna residents are speaking out about each one of their children getting enough special attention to give them the best possible education and their voice has not fallen upon deaf ears.

According to KIVI TV, the new school location lands at Linder and Columbia roads on 60 acres giving it enough room for football fields, baseball field, buildings, parking, and more.

This school will target those interested in engineering, auto-diesel, welding and health science.

David Reinhart who is the director of communications for the Kuna school district said...

Employers tell us they need skilled labor and we know that many of our students want to have a skill as they graduate so they can go into the workforce or take that skill to a university

The name of the new school is up for grabs right now.  If you'd like to vote on what the school should be named click HERE.

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