Who knew it was illegal to do this with your leaves! Here's what you need to know to avoid a $2500 fine and a misdemeanor on your record. 

I had no idea that pushing your leaves onto the street was illegal. Not that I would do that, but as a newly single woman there is a lot I'm pretty unsure about. In fact I haven't raked at all this year. Luckily there is nothing against the law about not raking your leaves. It just may make my neighbors give me dirty looks on the street!

Credit: Getty Images/ Matt Cardy

What is illegal is sweeping those leaves into the street. Why? They can clog storm drains which can cause flooding and ultimately the quality of our water.

If the leaves just fall from your trees into the street, that's a different story according to KTVB and spokeswoman Nicole Dubois with the Ada County Highway District.

Credit: Getty Images/ Oli Scarff

The best options for what to do with all those leaves is to compost them. Boise has a great composting program that has already been put into place and makes it easy. You can also bag up those leaves and take them to the landfill or simply put them in your regular trash bin.

Happy Fall! Enjoy raking and playing in all those leaves. In the meantime I'm headed out to the garage to see if I even own a rake!