Last summer Bret Micheals performed at the Western Idaho Fair and there was one little girl who caught his eye.  9-year-old Addy Berria was at the concert with her family.  Addy was born with scoliosis, epilepsy, a chromosome disorder and she's considered legally blind.

According to KTVB, Bret invited Addy backstage and immediately wanted to know all about her.  They hung out, talked, laughed, Bret even brought Addy on stage with him during the concert.  Bret did one more thing before letting Addy and her family go.  He promised he was going to send Addy and her family to Disneyland.

Addy and her family have received lots of gifts, love, and encouragement over the years.  You see Addy wasn't supposed to live past two.  With a lot of fight, hard times, and good doctors Abby's family has been able to enjoy this sweet little soul for more than nine years now.  Unfortunately, Addy's health is getting worse and her mom says it's just about time for her to go back to heaven...

In June of this year I did have to pre-arrange a funeral for her because it could be any moment that something could happen to her.  As a mom having to pick out a casket for your own kid is probably the hardest thing you'll ever have to do next to burying them, because we should be picking out our kids future and their colleges and looking for a brighter future and unfortunately, we're having to give Addy back to heaven.

Bret just made good on his promise through his Bret's Life Rocks Foundation which sent Abby, her mom, and her two sisters to Disneyland.

Thank you Bret for showing some love and kindness to one of our own.  I know this family was able to make memories they'll truly cherish forever.

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