If you live somewhere with uncovered parking, how much extra time do you figure into your morning routine to scrape your windshield?

Marco and I talked about this when I decided to lend the scraper from my car to one of the station vehicles we were using during the holiday season. I told him that I didn't really need it because my windshield never freezes under my carport. He didn't believe me so we ended up Googling the science behind it. 

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He's not quite as lucky. Until his family moves here in March, he's living with a roommate and his vehicle is always outside which means factoring in that scraping time. Mornings are already chaotic enough and it's just one more thing that you dread doing. Well, next time around you may want to try this life hack that's going viral on TikTok!

User @andrewh.7 fills up a Ziploc bag with hot water, seals it and then wipes it over his windshield. The frost melts away in seconds! It's a life hack so easy that we're sitting here kicking ourselves for not thinking of doing something like this sooner!

We should note, this hack works a lot better if you do this AFTER you turn on your car and start your defrosters so that it doesn't refreeze. You can also dry your window with a towel as you go to prevent refreezing.

By the way, don't get rid of your scraper/brush if you start using this hack. The Treasure Valley will eventually get a significant snowfall again and you'll want to have that on you to push inches of snow off you car!

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