Every year on the Friday following Fathers Day in June pet lovers everywhere celebrate National Take Your Dog (or pet) to Work Day.  According to National Today, Pet Sitters International (PSI) pitched the idea of taking our fur babies to work with us. It became a nationally recognized day in 1999 as a way to celebrate companion dogs and to encourage adoptions.

Especially since last year a lot of people and pets have been spending more time together and some people have had a hard time adjusting back to working from a pet free office as compared to home where pets could pop up for snuggles at any moment. Here is a happy Boise cat working happily with her mama Stephanie.

Photo By: Stephanie Larkin "On my lap all day while I work"
Photo By: Stephanie Larkin "On my lap all day while I work"

The City of Boise recently updated the cities animal and pet code, giving it a full and much needed overhaul. Boise City Council Member TJ Thomson said the code is now "more in line with Boise’s kindhearted values.” The main changes include:

  • Prohibits leaving animals unattended in cars under weather conditions that endanger their wellbeing.
  • Creates a “Good Samaritan” immunity from penalties, damages, and civil liability for those who rescue animals from life-threatening conditions. Individual must first dial 911.
  • Creates a new section to prohibit the sale of non-shelter dogs and cats at retail pet stores as well as the transfer of such animals on public property.
    Amends the role and processes for the animal enforcement agency.
    The complete updated code is available online at citycode.cityofboise.org.

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