25-year-old Jack Fields played for the Boise State University Bronco football team from 2012 through 2015.  His past is checkered with some violent behavior including punching a teammate in the BSU locker room during his senior year.  He punched Rick Smith in the head which immediately dropped Smith, leaving him unconscious.  It was later found that Smith had suffered a brain hemorrhage from the blow.  Smith and his family declined to press charges.

According to KIVI TV, Fields was allegedly acting up in a Georgia hotel lobby on Thursday, 11/15/2018.  The Richmond County Sheriff Department in Georgia was called into the Residence Inn on a “trouble with a subject” issue.  When Deputy Stephan Psillos got there he attempted to handcuff Fields and that's when it went south really fast.  Fields and the Deputy began to fight which led to Fields pulling out a knife and stabbing the Deputy over and over.  Deputy Psillos pulled out his gun and shot Fields, killing him instantly.

There was an effort to render first-aid but it was just too late.  Fields was gone.

A complete and thorough investigation is underway by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Richmond County.

Jack Fields was spoken of by his teammates and those that knew him in very high regard.  The following video shows Fields teammate wide receiver Shane Williams-Rhodes discussing when he met Jack, what kind of a guy he was, and the possibility of a mental disorder that may or may not have led Jack to his death.

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