The standout running back for BSU who left a year early for the NFL Draft has been front and center in all the wrong ways on HBO's Hard Knocks show which features Jeremy McNichols' team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Missing tackles, losing yards, and throwing punches - these are the highlights of Jeremey McNichols on this season's episode of Hard Knocks on HBO.  The coaches aren't sugar coating anything either. They feel like he's just not getting the job done on offense. Coaches do, however feel that he's been doing a good job on special teams so that's probably McNichols best bet in making the Tampa Baby Buccaneers team.

Roster cuts will be made this Saturday by 2 p.m. We're holding our breaths, crossing our fingers and toes, and praying McNichols gets a real chance at this thing. Otherwise, things might be awkward when the news goes live during BSU's opening game.

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