Imagine getting that knock on the door saying you have to leave your house, all of your precious memories behind because a wildfire is getting too close. 

This is exactly what happened to the residents of Burgdorf yesterday as the Idaho County Sheriff's Office issued an evacuation order.

According to an article on KTVB says the fire has shut down Warren Wagon Road and Burgdoff Road. As of yesterday, the fire was within half a mile of the historic hot springs.

Lightening has been blamed for the fire that has scorched at least 1000 acres at this point.

Firefighters are focused on the north and east sides of the fire with the priority to defend Burgdorf Hot Springs, which has been owned by the family of Scott Harris since 1922. Luckily, the west side of the fire has not grown much over the past few days.

Please keep all firefighters, emergency personnel, and those who are at risk of losing their homes in your thoughts and prayers.

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