It's only been a few months since Burger Time shut down operations at the Boise location on Orchard Street.  Now word is spreading that they're not only coming back, but they're fixing everything up so that this Burger Time will be newer, nicer, and better than ever before.

Boise Dev reports that construction is already underway.  Workers are currently paving a brand new parking lot and the Burger Time Facebook page keeps dropping us hints and clues, teasing us a bit as to what their big announcement is to come.

Speculation is that the restaurant will open back up sometime soon in the exact same spot on Orchard but there's no word on exactly when or why they shut down originally.  Some think ownership has exchanged hands and you can hear about 1,000 other theories as well.  I'm just glad that a good old-fashioned hamburger joint that people have loved here in Boise for years will be back for us to eat, hang out, and enjoy some great classic American food.

We'll keep you posted as this story develops.

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