Just a few days ago, news outlets were reporting that some Wendy's locations across the country have taken their burgers off their menus. This came after the news of shortage of meat in the United States due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the company's locations were found serving only chicken and side items at the locations without burgers. People on the Internet started sharing what was happening at their local locations so Lunchbox decided to check out what was happening at Wendy's in Nashville.

Lunchbox went through the drive-thru at a local Wendy's and got the scoop on what's happening with the meat shortage and how it's impacting Wendy's.

As far as Nashville is concerned and according to the drive-thru worker, Wendy's is definitely still selling their hamburgers. However, they can no longer sell their 'triple patty burgers' and have knocked the options down to only single or double patty burgers.

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