Two restaurants are leaving the Treasure Valley. Here's who is saying goodbye.

Marie Callender's is closing their doors after dinner this Friday, January 26th.

The location off of Fairview has been the only option to get their signature pies and comfort food, so its not only leaving the Treasure Valley but the entire state.

According to the Marie Callender's employees were told that the restaurant lost their lease.

In addition to the chain closing, Burger Time has down their classic drive-thru restaurant. There wasn't much warning about Burger Time. All of a sudden they were gone off of Overland. says Burger Time's phone has been disconnected and they haven't been able to track down the owner, so its unclear why they are gone.

Makes me sad because it was one of those places that I always wanted to check out. I love old-time classic burger shops.

As they say you never really miss something until its gone. I haven't been to Marie Callender's in years, but I sure would like a slice of pie right now.