You learn something new every day, and I just learned something interesting about used car dealerships in Idaho.

Apparently, Idaho is actually in the Top 5 states in America with the most used car dealerships per capita — and there are now more used car dealerships in Idaho than ever before. But interestingly enough, the number of used car dealership’s employees is steadily decreasing. Keep scrolling for a breakdown of the numbers 👇

Why is this good to know?

Well, obviously this is just my opinion, but I'm thinking if we have the most dealerships per capita, then that means there are A LOT of options. So, if you're looking for the perfect car for you, just know you have a lot of options totally available to you — just do your research and shop around until you find the perfect deal.

Stacker and Stacker Studios crunched the numbers, and here’s what we can learn about Idaho...

  • Used car dealers per 100k residents: 12.78 (6.3% increase since last year)
  • Statewide used car dealers: 235
  • Currently employed at used car dealers: 1,271 (0.4% decrease since last year)

Idaho is reported to be the #4 state in the country with the most used car dealerships per capita.

Car dealerships are striving to navigate the constant need for used cars. I recently had this conversation with some dealerships in Nampa, and they said used cars are actually more in demand right now (and higher priced) than new cars.

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We absolutely love it when the internet shines a little light on Idaho. Many people, it seems, can tend to forget that we exist and when we are acknowledged, it seems that there is always an entertaining insight into just WHAT exactly the outsiders think of the place we call home.
A video that is posted up on TikTok has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of users and we have to admit--this feels pretty spot on.

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