In today's world, if you're going to put down money on a house, you want to make it count. We found a cabin that is not only 100% worth the price, but it's also a "sportsman's paradise."

There's plenty to do at this cabin

"A gateway to the Sawtooths" is one of the first descriptions we're given in this listing followed by the claim that this property is a "Sportsman's Paradise."  With access to activities like rafting, hiking, hunting, and more, the property sure lives up to the title.

The property is located at 11 Eightmile in Lowman which is less than two hours from Boise and can be yours for $525,000.

Let's take a look...

Secluded Cabin Less Than 2 Hours From Boise Is A Sportsman's Paradise

If you have the cash and want to live in what's been described as a "Sportsman's Paradise", this property is for you.

Maybe you want to spice things up a bit and go with something a little bit bigger. Heck, you won't even have to compromise on access to the great outdoors.

Shipping or cargo containers have become a popular housing option for people looking for something different. This property is just that and then some: it even comes with two private ponds... and a Batman treehouse.

Idaho Cargo Container For Sale Has 2 Private Ponds & A Batman Treehouse

We found one of the coolest properties that everyone in your family can enjoy! It has something for everyone...

Some people prefer more interior space than outdoor space and that's perfectly fine. We found a home that has an interior so large, you could literally host a live concert inside.

It even has the stage space for a live band or any other show your heart desires. As an added perk, you could even take a slide to get from the upstairs area to the downstairs area.

Host A Live Concert In Your Living Room In This Idaho House For Sale

This home for sale in Idaho has everything - even a place for you to host your favorite live act in your living room...

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