A lot of celebrities have made Idaho home and its easy to see why. Now Caitlyn Jenner is looking at moving to the Gem State. Can you guess which city she plan on moving to?

I didn't even realize this, but Caitlyn's Mom, Esther, has lived in Lewiston for some time. That's the biggest reason Caitlyn is considering a move to Idaho, because she wants to be close to her Mom who is in her 90's and not doing well health wise.

According to Radar Online Caitlyn no longer feels welcome in Hollywood and she's has little interaction with the Kardashian clan anymore, so she sees no reason to stay there.

She is of course concerned about the conservative views that a lot of Idahoans have, but she also sees the move as an opportunity to make money.

If Caitlyn moves to Lewiston she wants cameras to follow her every move. Right now she is pitching the idea to TV executives and we'll see if she indeed becomes a Lewiston, Idaho resident here in the near future!