If you've been thinking Caldwell seems to be getting more beautiful every day but you're not exactly sure why... well, you'd be right and it's all part of Caldwell City's plan to give the downtown area a facelift to help bring in more visitors and make it a place that locals want to come out and enjoy.

The newest addition to the facelift is a state-of-the-art Ice Rink that'll be right in the middle of Indian Creek Plaza.  Opening day is this Thursday, November 15th and it'll barely be done in time because the weather's been so good.  Yeah, who'd have thought that good weather was going to hold a project back?  Here's what Destination Caldwell's CEO Keri Smith-Sigman had to say...

We were hoping for an earlier opening, but the weather has been beautiful in Caldwell and so that's such a good problem, but it was a little bit slower to make ice.

KTVB reports that this Ice Rink which is called an 'Ice Ribbon' is one of only seven that exists in the entire country and the only one in Idaho.  In the middle of the rink, there'll be places to sit around a fire pit and a huge singing Christmas Tree.  The tree doesn't sing itself but there'll be carolers and visitors singing hymns and Christmas songs while skaters enjoy the ice.  The lights on the tree are programmed to change with different tones and notes people are singing.

The official opening is Thursday at 4 p.m. and Caldwell's Winter Wonderland, the city's celebration where all the Holiday season lights get turned on will kick off Friday, November 16th.

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