16-year-old Amber Thompson of Caldwell, Idaho went missing on September 14, 2016 and after an entire year of searching, worrying, and wondering what happened, she's been found safe and sound.

A parent's worst nightmare is not knowing.  Was she abducted, did she run away, is she dead or safe or who knows, maybe something in between.  The not knowing is what eats at you day after day, night after night and finally, Amber Thompson's family has been blessed with the knowledge that their little girl is alive and she's safe.

According to KTVB the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the Caldwell Police Department put extra focus into finding young Amber Thompson and reuniting her with her family.

Details are scarce but we do know this.  Amber was found through facebook and she is safe.  Authorities are not saying where she's been found and I'm sure the journey she's had this past year is probably well beyond describing in this short blog.  The important thing is, that she's alive and safe.


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