There's something magical about going into the grocery store. We emphasize "into" because a curbside trip to the store just isn't the same and we're not afraid to say it.

A one-of-a-kind grocery experience

Our sister station recently broke the news of the "mega-merger" between Kroger and Albertsons. In that story, we discussed the impact on Idaho stores with three locations closing and another ten surrendering the Albertsons name... if the merger goes through.

Overall, feelings seem mixed on the issue and many are worried that this will create less competition resulting in higher prices. Plus, we love our Albertsons stores! There's nothing quite like hitting up one of the Albertsons that serves beer and enjoying a brew in the bread aisle.

Now, California is feeling the effects of this potential merger with the release of a report detailing which locations will be rebranded. In California, the following grocery stores could be affected by the merger: 31 Von stores, 17 Pavillion stores, 1 Safeway, and 15 Albertsons stores.

Keep in mind - these changes will only go into effect if officials at the federal level approve the merger. Many unions are opposed to the merger and are even planning a press briefing today that you can learn more about here.

How are we feeling about the domino effect of the merger and the "fall" (we're being dramatic) of Idaho's favorite grocery store? Let us know your thoughts here.

Here are the other Idaho locations that could be affected by the merger.

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