A car crashed into the kids play area of a Carl's Jr. restaurant in Garden City this afternoon.

At about 2:46 p.m. a car lost control and slammed through the building and into the kids area.

According to KTVB the driver behind the wheel has no idea what happened or how she lost control of her car.

Luckily no kids were injured in the accident even though there were several kids playing on the playground when the accident occurred. A close call for sure.

Several large windows did break in the incident and they say it will take about a week to get that area of the restaurant up and running again.

The driver was not injured, but her passenger was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Like I said, no word yet on what caused the crash but it appears highly likely to me that it could have been a medical situation. What a scary experience for those parents and kids. I'm so glad everyone is o.k.