KTVB reports that just this morning at approximately 8:40 a.m. on Cardon Street, just off of Park Lane in Eagle, Idaho a landscaper was out by his truck when a woman struck him with her car.  The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ada County Sheriff's Deputies have not released any specific information as to the identities of the victim or the woman who struck him.  A complete investigation is underway to determine exactly what happened.  We do know that woman stayed at the scene of the accident and was questioned by authorities and seems as if, at least for now, there will be no charges filed.

The speed limit in this neighborhood is 25 miles per hour.  Exactly how fast the lady was going in her vehicle is unknown at this time.  Family members and close friends are currently being notified of the tragic news.  We can only keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

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