Thousands of kiddos around the Treasure Valley will be out of school for Spring Break this week. Here's what I'll be doing to entertain my two rugrats! Come along for the ride. 

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    Monday: Wahooz


    The first day of Spring Break unfortunately brings rain and a high of 55, so doing something outside is out of the question. We're hitting up Wahooz! We have yet to discover their new Indoor Adventure Park which includes a 3 story ropes course, bumper cars, and amusement park rides. I've also been challenged to a game of mini-golf! Plus don't forget Wahooz has bowling, lazer tag, and arcades! It's a great way to wear the kids out on a rainy day.

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    Tuesday: Zoo Boise


    Sunny and a high of 57 means it's the only day during Spring Break where we have a real opportunity to get outside! We're checking out Zoo Boise for the first time in 2017. Zoo Boise is open until 7 pm during Spring Break, so there is plenty of time to check out the animals!

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    Wednesday: Hike Table Rock


    Cloudy skies and a high of 60 mean we're going to chance a Table Rock hike. There is nothing like the view of beautiful Boise from the top of Table Rock. The vegetation is very slowly but surely coming back after last years fire. It's an easy enough hike that most can tackle it, but it's not for the faint of heart. My 8 year old daughter HATED her first hike up because she thought it was so hard, so be prepared.

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    Thursday: Discovery Center of Idaho


    My daughter has been begging to see Sue, the "Largest T-Rex in the World," for weeks and this is where you can find her. I haven't been to The Discovery Center yet, but it looks like fun. Aside from seeing Sue, you can explore "Matter Splatter" which includes lots of hands on ooey gooey experiences that you don't have to clean up!

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    Friday: Movie Day "The Boss Baby"

    My kids have been begging me to see this film and it finally hits theaters this Friday. It's expected to be a very windy day with a high of 62, so I think it will be another great day to keep it indoors once again. The Boss Baby stars Alec Baldwin and is about a suit-wearing, brief-case totting baby who disrupts a family. It looks pretty funny, but if you have older kids I recommend seeing "The Shack." Tim McGraw is in the film, which is just a bonus! It's hands down the best movie I have seen maybe ever and you are guaranteed to walk away with a different perspective on life.

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