First, let's address the National French Fry Day confusion. 

For years National French Fry Day was on July 13, but in 2022 the fast-food chains Checkers & Rally's put out an online petition to change National French Fry Day to the second Friday in July. The reason is that they wanted to National French Fry to always land on Fry-day! 

National Day Calendar founder Marlo Anderson agreed, but only some people are jumping on the bandwagon. For the most part, a lot of the major chains are celebrating National French Fry Day for a couple of days.


Make sure you have the apps! 

If you're looking to take advantage of the freebies, you should make sure you have the app for your favorite restaurant. Burger King, Del Taco, McDonlands, and the Carl's Jr. App. 

Idahoans may appreciate National French Fry Day more than most because of our relationship with potatoes. Many local businesses are putting in the effort to hand-cut their french fries, like Boise Fry Company.

Photo by Somia Lone on Unsplash
Photo by Somia Lone on Unsplash

We. Eat. A. Lot. Of. French. Fries.  

According to the National Day Calendar, "estimates say Americans eat around 30 pounds of French fries per person each year." They also shared "America's Ultimate Ranking of Fast Food Fries," with the top three being #1 McDonalds, #2 Chick-Fil-A, and #3 Five Guys. America's favorite style goes to regular, with curly being second, and our favorite condiment to put on fries is ketchup, followed by Ranch. What about Fry Sauce? Guessing not enough people across America have had the privilege to enjoy Fry Sauce! 

So, where can you get free fries for the rest of the year? 

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