Idaho Agriculture is a massive part of what makes Idaho - Idaho. The Gem state is made up of some incredible, beautiful, wide open, hard working farmland. Idaho is top in the country for producing the most of three major crops and top two for quite a few other crop staples in the country.

Today is National Agriculture Day celebrated every year during Agriculture Week. "National Ag Day was founded by the Agriculture Council of America in 1973. It is that day of the year when all the producers, agriculture organizations, universities, corporations, and government departments take out some time to recognize the greatness of agriculture. " - National Today

Stacker did this farm-tastic study showing what states produce the most of what, then they took it even further by showing the monetary correlation with those crops.
"About 87% of all agricultural products in America are produced on family ranches or farms."

No big surprise that Potatoes are at the top of the list although Washington is getting close.
1. Idaho ($1.0 billion)
2. Washington ($934.1 million)
3. Wisconsin ($338.7 million)

I didn't realize that mint was so big here
1. Idaho ($37.9 million)
2. Oregon ($35.6 million)
3. Washington ($29.0 million)

No wonder we like beer so much here in Idaho we are the #1 producer of Barley and #2 producer of Hops...
1. Idaho ($265.0 million)
2. Montana ($192.1 million)
3. North Dakota ($133.0 million)
4. Wyoming ($34.3 million)
5. Colorado ($32.7 million)

1. Washington ($475.7 million)
2. Idaho ($89.3 million)
3. Oregon ($71.6 million)

See more about Idaho's top farm producers here.

An Idaho farmer shared some local Idaho facts about local farming that are pretty interesting and eye opening. Check that out here.

Idaho farms have gotten creative and had some fun with inviting the public for fun and unique experiences like getting up close and personal with Camels at a Kuna farm (Scroll down to see up close pictures) to The Lowe Family Farmstead that has been around for decades and is one of the top (and massive) pumpkin patch festival farms around. Scroll past the camel farm to see over 100 photos of The Lowe Family Fall Filled Fun pumpkin patch park.

Adults and kids love and are fascinated by farms. Married country stars Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd just threw their two year old son one heck of a farm themed birthday party. Check out the farm cuteness here.

People all around the world celebrate famer and the work they do to help feed and even clothe us. "National Farm Workers Day is celebrated annually on March 31 to pay tribute to the unsung heroes on a farm who are the hired workforce doing the tougher part of the job such as plowing fields, operator tractors, spreading fertilizers, and trimming hedges. " - National Today.

Thank you to ag and farm hero's everywhere and especially to our special ones here in Idaho. You are valued and appreciated.

Idaho Get Up Close with Camels in Kuna

The Airbnb experience is by Lisa who has been a devoted camel owner for four years. She calls the camels gentle giants and is passionate about sharing them with others.

See Everything There is To Do at The Farmstead Pumpkin Patch in Kuna, Idaho

Lowe Family Farmstead has been around for decades and as you can tell when you go there has been well cared for. Adults and kids were all happily wore out by the time we wrapped things up and headed toward the exit. I had no idea all of the fun and adventurous activities that were in store for us.

PICTURES: See Inside Keith Urban + Nicole Kidman's Luxurious Tennessee Farmhouse

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were living it up in their 5,086-square-foot, 4-bedroom farmhouse in Franklin, Tenn., a rural community 30 minutes outside of Nashville. The house is beautifully well-appointed. The master bedroom features a very large walk-in closet, and the gated, 35-acre property also includes a gym, recreation rooms, an office and a three-car garage, as well as a utility barn. The couple sold their rural farmhouse in 2018 for $2.7 million.

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